High speed ovens, user friendly, versatile and provides consistent levels of performance that it’s sure to enhance your customer’s experience.

eikon® e2s

The smallest high speed oven with the biggest performance

The eikon® e2s is the first choice for anyone who wants to prepare fresh, hot food on demand where space is at a premium. It offers the smallest unit with the biggest results to add value to all kitchen operations. The high speed oven is user friendly, versatile and provides…

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eikon® e3

Versatility, speed, and energy efficiency at the touch of an icon

Cook faster and save power with the energy efficient eikon® e3. The eikon® e3 is ideal for crispy, tempting baguettes, croissants, snacks and toasted sandwiches. With its particularly compact design and up to 5 x faster preparation times, its three different cooking levels make it…

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eikon® e4

High speed for more applications

Need to produce lightning fast, crispy, hot food? Look no further than our easily-programmed, energy efficient eikon® e4. It combines the advantages of microwave and hot air impingement technology for extremely quick cooking with outstanding, repeatable food quality, even for large…

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eikon® e4s

Quicker, quieter & more energy efficient

The e4s accelerated cooking oven combines three heat technologies – convection heat, impingement air and microwave energy – to achieve cook times up to 15 times faster than conventional ovens. It is the perfect solution for convenience stores, fuel stations, snack bars and hotels…

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