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When you require a full size walk-in with greater flexibility. Kolpak Pre-Engineered is the solution. Made from the same quality panels and components that Kolpak is renowned for, you get all of the quality, flexibility, durability and energy efficiency you have come to expect.

Coolers & Freezers

Kolpak is the cold standard for walk-in refrigeration and freezers. From their fully custom solution to Polar Pak and Pre-Engineered there’s three ways to get Kolpak in your kitchen.

Refrigeration Systems

Kolpak Refrigeration Systems is a leader in the manufacturing of refrigeration condensing units. Our refrigeration system is available for most walk-in cooler and freezer applications.

Controllers & Accessories

Kolpak offers a complete line of accessories from ceilings to reinforced floors, special doors, panels, AlarmPak and more. All manufactured to the high quality standards that make Kolpak the cold standard for refrigeration.

Videos on Kolpak