Crem develops, manufactures and markets coffee machines for offices, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, catering and convenience. Crem offers the most extensive product range, leading the market in the design and manufacture of coffee solutions at a professional level.




Unity has a user interface that is simple and easy to use. Users have the ability to customize their own drinks and choose from a variety of coffee favorites. For the true connoisseur, we offer the possibility to fine-tune their drinks. You can easily manage and control the machine’s
hardware, stats, cleaning, maintenance, alerts and visual appearance. Match the interface’s appearance after your decor or graphic profile. We can help you to control the color of the icons, wallpaper, screen saver, logo and image for brewing. All settings are designed to allow the machine to be adapted to the location and user. On our machine, you get a high quality visual experience which can be varied over time. All to create a unique coffee experience.


  • Dedicated Brewing Technologies
  • Espresso Coffee
  • Filter/Drip Coffee
  • Ultra-easy to clean Fresh Milk unit
  • Crem Tech SmartFoam Technology
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Remote Connectivity with Kitchen Connect
  • Variety of other models available


At Crem International, we aim to design coffee solutions from a customer point of view. Thus, our products are made to meet the highest demands for the Office, HoReCa and Convenience coffee segments in terms of functionality and effectiveness, whilst performing a superior in-cup quality.

Coffee Queen

Born in Sweden, legacy of Varmland, Coffee Queen is our brand for manual and automatic filter coffee brewers, instant coffee machines and juice dispensers.


Original Mediterranean soul for all our espresso machines. From premium level and barista-focused solutions, to reliable and highly efficient models.


With the brand Spengler we are bringing a lot of knowledge and heritage in the fully automatic espresso and filter coffee equipment for both high capacity free-standing equipment as well as smaller intuitive table-top solutions.