Simply a better cut: Bizerba devices provide the highest possible energy efficiency

Less electricity, more efficiency

With the help of a number of new developments, we have repeatedly been able to significantly reduce the electricity consumption of our devices over the past years. As a result, the current Bizerba slicers need only roughly 50 percent of the energy which conventional models consume.

Manual vertical slicers VS

Vertical slicers VS are also available with optional scale connection for slicing as accurate as 1 g. Advantages of the low design: fatigue-free, ergonomic operation of the carriage while maintaining eye contact with the shopper.

Manual vertical slicers VSC

Bizerba VSC – the compact and space-saving vertical slicers, depending on the model with optionally integrated weighing technology. They stand out due to their perfect ergonomics and ease of cleaning.

Manual gravity feed slicers GSP

Thanks to the many carriage options, possible combinations, optional equipment and various accessories, the gravity feed slicers GSP perfectly adjust to individual requirements. Designed and developed based on modular design.

Manual gravity feed slicers GSC

The perfect gravity slicers for special demands in kitchens and at service counters. Effortless slicing due to the best tilt angle of the blade and patented Ceraclean® surface. Whether air-dried ham or soft bread — the performance adapts its output.

Industrial slicers

Bizerba fully automatic slicers meet the highest demands in food processing. They can be easily integrated into production lines and are flexible should the location be changed.

Bread slicers

Bizerba bread slicers meet the highest hygienic requirements. Bread slicers have rarely been so simple and so easy to operate and clean. Even warm loaves and hard crusts can be flexibly cut to the slice thickness preferred by the customer.