Our Team

Ft. Lauderdale

Connect with our team in Ft Lauderdale, Florida headed by Gabriel Puerto, to have them assist you with the kitchen solutions your Restaurants / Bars / Food Service Kitchen etc. and visit our Test Kitchen to see the best brands in the world in action.

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Our Orlando team is headed by none other than Craig Hodges, a partner in Food Equipment Representatives. Under his guidance, our team in Orlando will be pleased to help you in procuring the best Food Service Kitchen equipment from the world over.

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Tampa, FL

Our team in Tampa has an experience in Food Service for over 35 years. This team is headed by Neil Gosselin who himself has managed restaurants for 10 years and knows all the ins and outs of a restaurant kitchen. He and his team will help you get the best products for your kitchen.

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Jacksonville, FL

Food Equipment Services is expanding all over and to represent our Jacksonville and North Florida team we chose Gary Gridley. Under his leadership, our teams in that area are already helping restaurants, taverns, and hotels to revamp their kitchens and add new and improved dishes to their menus.

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Hilary Del Aguila, Marketing Director
Mobile No: 954.587.9347
Hilary Del Aguila has three years of experience in Marketing, social media, and sales. She has graduated from Fairfield University (Connecticut) with a bachelors in Business Management. Hilary is currently pursuing a Masters in International Business at the University of Miami. Some of her responsibilities are taking over FER’s social media outlets, increasing brand exposure, and design of ads and newsletters.