Technical Expertise

By having put top-of-the-line foodservice equipment in the best restaurants from Orlando to Miami, we are here to tell you that we have been put through the paces by the best and brightest in the industry. We know our stuff and in this competitive business you have to prove it every day, that’s why we’ve been here for over 30 years and we will continue to be with you even after the installation of the equipment. We can not only provide you with the actual dimensions of the equipment, what kind of power it requires, and wherein the kitchen it belongs, we can also provide you the throughput.

We can tell you how much volume you can expect from a piece of equipment and we can demonstrate ways to maximize volume with different cooking methods. We know the most popular menu items many food service operations are trying to produce and FER can direct you towards the equipment that will produce it in the most economical way. We can offer you a wealth of technical knowledge that has been honed for many years in this industry.

We can offer you a wealth of technical knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else.