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When it comes to running a greener foodservice operation, small steps can make a big difference. Here are some helpful ideas to help get you there faster. There is an ever increasing number of products available today that have been third party tested to show reductions in water and energy in the United States. We are providing operators with the essential information that they can use to save energy and water in their establishments today. We are also operating responsibly within our offices and manufacturing facilities in a way that lessens the impact that we have on the environment. Some of our Products accomplish Greener Functionality through Welbilt’s EnerLogic™ Here are some tips:

Turn off equipment whenever possible

Leaving equipment on to idle uses energy, turn off your equipment during downtimes based on your operation and create an energy saving shut down plan for closing.

Staff Training

Ensuring your staff is appropriately trained on the equipment they are using will ensure equipment is being utilized to its full efficiency.

Examine your Cooking Methods

By looking at your menu, determine what items could be cooked on more energy efficient equipment and eliminate the use of those pieces of equipment that waste energy.

Maintenance and Repair

Having your equipment serviced regularly can eliminate energy waste by identifying potential energy wasting problems early.

Manufacturer Parts

Utilizing manufacturer parts can help reduce wastage of energy as they are made specifically to fit your equipment.


Ensure that your thermostats and control systems are in proper working order, check them often to ensure correct cooking temperatures to reduce energy loss.

Seals and Gaskets

Check all door seals on a regular basis and replace worn out seals promptly to reduce energy loss.