We Offer Demos And Training In Spanish As Well

FER is committed to the proper training and use of the equipment we represent so that your purchases can perform as assets and not liabilities. Obviously, effective training will ensure an efficient, speedy and profitable operation, whereas, little or no training can result in danger and increased medical liability due to improper operation. Training is something we believe can affect the profitability of your operation and should be considered even more so if you happen to run into the quick buck internet operators selling new or used equipment online where training may or may not be included.

As you probably already know many types of fryers, combi ovens, and accelerated cooking machines have many programmable features for automated use. Depending on your operation and the type of experience you require your operators to possess, training may be an essential and valuable opportunity to let FER provide for you. We normally offer a demonstration of the operation of the equipment you are considering during the sales process and we will be happy to set up an expanded training schedule for your team as well, once we know what the scope of the entire purchase.