Dealer Support

Food Equipment Representatives is the bridge between the Manufacturer and the Dealer. We present a balanced viewpoint, knowing both what part the Manufacturer will do in the sales process and what part the Dealers will do to complete the sale. There has always been a strong but independent relationship between FER and our Dealers. We both have to be quick, responsive problem solvers, and work together for the benefit of the customer. We both need to help stimulate demand for the products we represent.

Another important Dealer Support function is when Manufacturers launch new products they use the Reps to get the word out. FER is the front line in getting the word out on new products. In order to back up the dealer when a product needs to be demonstrated quickly, we’ve expanded our Culinary Development Studio and showroom facilities to help the Dealer. We strengthen relationships with our dealers to express the value we can bring to the table. Part of that value is being available for help and questions that both the end user and dealer might have. Everyone has to work together to take care of the customer. We find we’re doing a lot more lunch-and-learns, scheduled meetings, and training. And, being more strategic about our overall approach with dealers.

FER is also there to deal with issues gone awry. If a fridge is ordered and it doesn’t work, we need to send a tech out to fix it immediately. If this happens to a dealer, the customer may not want to deal with them anymore. Reps have to work with the dealer to resolve problems and complete warranty resolution. FER is always poised to keep the customer happy for potential future orders and sales.