Welbilt Finance is a strong partner of ours in the financing of foodservice equipment. Even better deals can be achieved through them regarding Welbit equipment purchases. We can also package financing deals for other brands of equipment you may need.


Industry Experience

Food Equipment Representatives possesses over 360 years of combined industry experience. Our individual experiences represent a diverse and thorough knowledge of equipment, product applications, functions, design appropriateness, procurement and operational usage.


What's New

NRA 2018 was a huge sucess for Welbilt...Kitchen connect! Stay connected with FER ! please follow this link for Kitchen connect logo and video and even a brief explanation of kitchen connect and how it works.


Recent Projects

Here's what's new at Food Equipment Representatives.


Case Studies

The Rosen Hotel was interested in adding a hot food menu to their Lite Bite Store at their International Drive Hotel Location in Orlando. Craig Hodges, with Bill Murray from Edward Don, setup a live demo to show how the MerryChef 402s can support their needs without having to make any additions to their current store.


Product Knowledge

Our experience allows us to be able to assist decision makers with layout & concept ideas. We have a wide number of years of experience in dealing with multiple customer concepts, where we have provided the application of knowledge to achieve the desired product volumes and quality in the most economical configurations.


Technical Expertise

By having put top-of-the-line foodservice equipment in the best restaurants from Orlando to Miami, we are here to tell you that we have been put through the paces by the best and brightest in the industry. We know our stuff and in this competitive business you have to prove it every day, that's why we've been here for over 30 years and we will continue to be with you even after the installation of the equipment.


Factory Relations

Much of the success we have attained over the years has come from the solid business foundations that we have created with our manufacturers and factories. We have earned a solid reputation as a straight-shooting organization that always puts the customer first and is quick to resolve any issues that affect the business relationship.


Delivery Logistics

When we package an equipment procured for your food service operation it may consist of items from many different manufacturers. One of our primary Delivery Logistics services is to factor in the discounts offered by each manufacturer and the shipping costs.


Order Tracking

Once your order is placed at the factory and the delivery date is processed, we can begin the process of updating you as to when your shipment will arrive. The shipper will generate a PRO number which allows us the opportunity to track your shipment every hour if you like.


Installation Support

Most Welbilt brands come with a standard Factory Authorized start-up. After the installation is completed, a Field Rep will schedule a demonstration of proper use, care, maintenance and operation of the equipment. An Authorized Service Agency (ASA) will make sure the equipment is not only installed to the manufacturer’s specifications but also achieves its peak performance and minimizes the operator’s downtime as a result of a faulty install.


Equipment Startups

The majority of our large equipment installations include a Free factory authorized start-up by the local Authorized Service Agency (ASA). By following this procedure, technicians can ensure that your new equipment is warranty compliant and it works at peak performance.


Green Products

When it comes to running a greener foodservice operation, small steps can make a big difference. Here are some helpful ideas to help get you there faster. There is an ever increasing number of products available today that have been third party tested to show reductions in water and energy in the United States. We are providing operators with the essential information that they can use to save energy and water in their establishments today.


Demos and Training

FER is committed to the proper training and use of the equipment we represent so that your purchases can perform as assets and not liabilities. Obviously, effective training will ensure an efficient, speedy and profitable operation, whereas, little or no training can result in danger and increased medical liability due to improper operation.


Dealer Support

Food Equipment Representatives is the bridge between the Manufacturer and the Dealer. We present a balanced viewpoint, knowing both what part the Manufacturer will do in the sales process and what part the Dealers will do to complete the sale.


Warranty Support

In order to properly manage and administer the warranty on many of the equipment models we represent, it must first be determined that the equipment has been installed properly and that the use of the equipment has been performed by trained personnel in accordance with the terms of the warranty.