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0Melbourne Area Pastry Chef, Whitney Schwanda, Wins 5 qt Varimixer!

"My favorite feature is probably the wheel to control speed since you can increase it so gradually, and using the same wheel to unlock and lift the mixer makes it very simple and easy to use. Other mixers often jump speeds and you have to turn the mixer off to change it which is inconvenient and often the shift to a higher speed results in flour everywhere so being able to shift slowly up in speed is a welcome feature.

On the subject of getting flour everywhere, I found the splash guard and filling skid to actually be useful and helpful. The mixer seems incredibly sturdy and well-made so I expect it will last a long while even with frequent use (I plan to test this out).

Overall, I think the Teddy mixer is a fantastic product, especially compared to similar mixers of that capacity. "

Whitney Schwanda

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